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About Anjuli

Anjuli Bhattacharyya, Rehearsal Director for Catapult, was raised in Kentucky, and moved to New York in 2007, and then to Brandenburg, Germany in 2017. She is a full-time Yoga Instructor while she is in Germany and has created local Video installation work of her own just outside Berlin.  


Anjuli is a dancer, choreographer, digital artist, Visual artist, actress, and Yoga instructor.  Anjuli is proud to have been a founding member of Guilty Pleasures Cabaret, a full-length nightlife show in Manhattan.  Anjuli performed with many different companies including David Grenke's ThingsIsee'm, Melissa Riker's Kinesis Dance Project, and the Pilobolus PCS Company.  Anjuli was also a full-time touring performer with Mystic India, a live Indian Classical and Bollywood show from 2011-2015 and performed in New York locally with with the Classical Indian/Bollywood dance group, Ajna Dance Company. In 2011, she was a top 21 contestant on India's reality dance show, "Just Dance." Anjuli has produced, choreographed, directed, and performed for Live Concert Events for Star TV  and has produced many productions of her own. Anjuli was commissioned to create work for the University of Kentucky, and reproduced this work for the NYC10 dance festival in Manhattan. 


Her love for improvisation and belief in the power of reinvention has led her to Yoga and the movement collaborations that Catapult provides. Anjuli has been performing with Catapult since 2015 and is infatuated with the hard work, imaginative play, and intricate skill involved in the shadow making process.

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